Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yo voutre un nap

I think I need to call my mom and ask her if she used to put me on the washing machine to get me to fall asleep.  I have problems falling asleep in my own bed but I cannot resist the lull of the airplane.  Just like a cobra being seduced by the haunting notes of the flute I too am seduced by the oxygen being pumped in and all the white noise.  I absolutely cannot stay awake.  I literally mean I cannot stay awake.  

BTW, does anyone think the pillow in this picture is ridiculous?  That is a ginormous pillow to carry-on.  Just wear a shirt that says "hey, I'm really old and only concerned about comfort at the expense of looking like a du-fuss".

  It has just gotten worse over the years.  I used to sleep a little here and there and it has gradually slipped into falling asleep before the plane even leaves it's dock.  I have woken up before and been confused that we were already cruising high above the clouds because I don't remember taking off.  And today we flew from Chicago to Phoenix and I fell asleep right on schedule before the take-off and besides a few position changes I woke up to the captain telling us we were beginning our final descent into Phoenix.  I could not believe I slept the whole time.  I slept about 3 hours on the plane without even knowing.  

What is to become of me?  If my rate of falling asleep continues to rise and the trips don't get any longer then the numbers say I am in trouble.  Will I fall asleep now before I even buckle my seat belt?  Will I drool on the business man next to me?  What if I sleep walk on the plane?  Someone could rob me so easily.  I mean, I was sleeping on Ricky's shoulder while he was furiously playing DDR on his phone and I didn't know it.  In my own bed if so much as his toe wanders over I wake up and yell until he moves it.  

I think I must have aviation narcolepsy.  And I'm sure there are a number of other people in German parliament who suffer from this as well.  Am I alone here?

Editors note:  Be aware that when I googled "sleeping on a plane" in the images there were TONS of pictures that people had taken of random strangers sleeping on the plane.  We could ALL be out there somewhere with our mouths open.....