Monday, August 23, 2010


OK, so here is the obligatory "someone came to visit" post. But it's more like a "we had a really good time and you should all know it" post.

My friend Whit came all the way from sunny San Diego to our lovely mostly clouded over Washington but we had a GREAT time anyway. If I keep telling you how much fun we had, will you believe me? Will some pictures help?


It started with the best view of the city which I missed because I had my eyes closed

Then onto the obligatory trip to Pike's Place Market which is always a good time - especially when you come home with pounds of clams and scallops....mmmmmm.

And then while still at the market we had to see the famous "gum wall". Yeah, it's exactly how it sounds, FULL of gum. *Wretching sounds*.

Then on Saturday we headed over to Whidbey Island to see Deception Pass which is a giant, narrow, tall, skinny, scary bridge of death that Ricky and Whit decided were NOT going to make them toss their breakfast.

I on the other hand couldn't make more than 20 ft before I thought I would pass out and fall overboard into the swirling whirlpools below. I don't do heights well. At all.

We capped the view off with the biggest most delicious cinnamon and orange rolls on the island in a cute bakery overlooking the bay. Oh me-oh-my.

Then everybody got SUPER EXCITED (as evidenced by this picture) to walk along Lake Washington

And there is no better way to cap off a fun-filled vacation then hit the swings. Their faces have been covered to protect the innocent - or you could picture them wacking their noggins on the post which is what I like to do. It's a personal choice.

Also, doesn't Ricky's shadow remind you of the Air Jordan logo?

And I didn't even get around to all the delicious food we ate and ate and ate and ate. Mmmmmm. Especially the ice cream that turned Whit into an adoring fan of Ricky's mad Pac-Man skills - NEW HIGH SCORE!!!

If you come visit I promise to do some of these things with you...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Science of Sleep - or the lack thereof

Oh my, I was so cranky this morning. I just kept getting woken up WAY before my alarm was to go off. And if you know me even the slightest bit then you already know that I like to sleep, and I do NOT like to be woken up even 5 seconds before my alarm goes off. I have already allotted the perfect amount of sleep I will need and I care not to deviate from that.

And I will let you know - although somewhat groggily and unintelligibly.

And all this lack of sleep led to an email to Ricky that read: "If I have to cook dinner tonight I will kill myself ". And I meant it really dramatic. Kind of like this:

So tonight we are having Thai take-out and it looks like I'll be around to see another day.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Panic at the Disco.

I panic all the time now when I'm going to the bathroom.

I have this mental checklist that I go through in a split second while I'm taking care of business; did I take my pants off? Did I take my underwear off? Am I actually on the toilet or is this a dream? Is everything making it inside the toilet?

Because every single one of those things have happened to me.

I hate it.

What should be a pleasant experience that leaves me feeling relieved has been turned into a pure panic room experience.

I feel like I've been robbed. And this panic is a pretty recent phenomenon even though it's been a couple of years since any of the aforementioned incidences.

And going #1 used to be my #2 favorite feeling after sneezing.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Creepy Crawley

I keep finding giant spiders in our house and I'm afraid that we are starting to live Arachnophobia. Seriously. Not just little spiders that hop out once in a while, but BIG black spiders that like to crawl really, really fast.

And if that wasn't bad enough the last two times they have crawled out from among our clothes. What? Are they hatching eggs in my shirts? Are they mating in my socks? I'm not even afraid of spiders but even I have the hebe-ge-bees at this point. I'm hoping that it's because its been a little bit colder than usual in the mornings and that's why they are coming inside to just warm up a bit and then go back outside until winter.

Right? Tell me that is right.

Cause otherwise I'm going to have to burn all of my clothes to make sure all the eggs are set a flame and I really like my clothes. Especially all the things I've never worn because I was saving them for a "special occasion".

P.S. Totally unrelated: I caught an episode of Plain Jane on the CW while I was writing this and I may have teared up a little when the plain jane's crush liked her back and they kissed. The spiders are making me weak.

Monday, August 2, 2010

No alopecia here

I have this theory that when you fly all your hair grows much faster.

I'm not sure if it's the altitude, the cabin pressure or your immune system in overload but sure enough I always have WAY more eyebrow hairs to pluck when I'm fresh off an airplane ride.

I tried to tell my friend Taradise this once while we were co-habiting a hotel room for work. "See all my new eyebrow hairs?" I said trying to sway her opinion after my long flight. But she didn't believe me. So I wavered in my theory. "Maybe it's just the extra bright lights in the bathroom that are just showing more?" I said. "Yeah, that has to be it" she assured me.

But in my heart of hearts I knew that I was on to something. So on my recent trip to the Outer Banks I shared my theory once again with my two sister-in-laws. I told them to go ahead and test it for themselves on their way home.

Sure enough I received a text from 2nd sister on her way home to Hawaii that read "You're right. My leg hair did grow faster on the plane. Weird.".

Boo-yeah. I knew I was on to something. Now if I could only develop some sort of Nair for airplanes or better yet, an airplane hair-blocker that somehow works with the cabin pressure to suppress hair growth. Naturally they would sell it exclusively in the skymall catalog which is the best. Seriously. Hours of entertainment can be found amongst it's pages. Never before have I wanted to buy SO much equipment to spy on people than when I'm perusing the skymall catalog. I also really want to get steps for the pet I don't have to be able to get on my bed, the inflatable lap pillow for long flights, a facial exerciser and the cushy gel things that wrap around your calves that kind of look like a boot. Oh, and if I had a pool I would totally buy those floating solar panels that look like blankets to keep it warm.

I want so many things...