Saturday, August 29, 2009

You go up there and get me a toddler

Am I missing something? Am I supposed to have children already? I was perusing through facebook last night and it seems that 90% of the girls I know from high school are all at LEAST on their second kid. Well, except the ones that aren't married and frankly, I applaud them for not having kids yet (two feet on the floor ladies).

I just don't feel it, you know? Not one part of me wants to have kids right now. Not. One. Part. I love other peoples kids but I have no desire to birth one of my own.

In fact, Ricky and I had a conversation about just this topic the other night. I can't remember what he said for the millioneth time that led me to reply exasperatedly "you are SO baby hungry". To which he replied something else and I finished with "well go eat somebody's else's baby, we aren't having any yet".

For now I'll leave the baby making to the expert:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009'll wake the neighbors

I know I said I'd post pictures of the new place but maybe I don't want to. I'm still wrestling with the fact that I live in... the hood. And learning how to use my "outside voice" all the time like my neighbors is tiring. But not as tiring as spying through my blinds and watching all the "activity" on the street below. I feel like I'm living out the real life version of Spike Lee's "Do the right thing" movie except that I've only seen clips of it on VH1's I love the 80's.
If I wanted to watch a movie with positive moral values then I would just pop in "Superstar". But switching my judgement over to dairy products, I accidentally bought whole milk at the store yesterday. It was the best accident I've had all year (except for getting married). I had some for breakfast with my cereal this morning not knowing it was whole milk and I just kept thinking to myself "man, this milk is sooo creamy. I've got to get this brand again". It wasn't until I went for cereal/milk round 2 tonight that I read the label. "Ah-ha, this makes more sense" I told myself.

*I should have been...
And opera singer. I can really belt it out and I appreciate the merits of the song "Ave maria". With a little training I think I could have filled lesser known opera houses or starred in off-broadway productions.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today is a good day!

I couldn't sleep anymore this morning partly because I had an awesome dream about seeing Gwen Stefani in her garage (she looked AWESOME) and mostly because we are moving in our place today!!!!! And so far, I love it. Bamboo floors? Yes please! So last night in celebration of the move we went and picked blackberries from the bushes that grow wild all over the island we are staying on
And made homemade blackberry ice cream. Mmmmm delicious! I can't wait to clean it up and bring all our stuff in and then buy a couch. That's right, no more lounging on just a love seat. I'll post pics after I take them and we get the internet.