Thursday, April 21, 2011

Picture Message

So I guess I'll have to remember this from now on:

And Ricky will have to remember this:

Friday, April 8, 2011

You need a vacation!!

I'm putting out an APB.

Have you ever wanted to vacation in the great Northwest? Do you dream of summiting the Space Needle or Mount Rainier?
Do you just want to get away from your everyday life? No dishes, laundry and mail runs to be responsible for?

Maybe you want to take a personal sabbatical for 3 months. Maybe you are interested in doing an internship in Seattle? Or maybe, just maybe you are a social worker let's say and are interested in taking a contract somewhere new for a couple of months.....ahem Stasy.

Well come stay at my house!!!

I currently have a roomate, my mate for life Ricky. But....he's leaving me for 3 months to pursue his career dreams. And I've encouraged him. A small sacrifice for now that will benefit our family greatly one day.

There is only one problem - I will be lonely. Do you want me to be lonely? I didn't think so.

Besides, you can have your own bedroom with it's very own en-suite bathroom. Fancy! I'll be your very own bed and dinner! I can't do breakfast since I'm usually running out the door to work and I won't make you lunch because I'll be at work. But I'll probably make you dinner which I'm really good at. Come for 2 months or come for 3 days, whatever.

And if that still hasn't wet your whistle then let me tell you this: you don't need a car. That's right! Take a 2 minute walk down my street to the light rail station and 20 minutes north you are in the heart of downtown, 30 minutes south and they drop you off right at the airport. And I'm not trying to brag and all but every Wednesday from May-October there is a farmers market half a block away full of the most delicious food. Thats where I do my grocery shopping. You should taste the tomatoes....oh the delight.

My neighborhood is cute. Just like me.

So come one, come all July through September! Seriously, he'll be gone the entire time. Don't make me get a dog because I really don't want one.

And this message isn't for your brother's cousin. I'd like to know you if we are going to live together.

Can't you just picture yourself here?