Thursday, October 29, 2009


I did something weird the other day: I wore my husbands pants to the grocery store. I came home from work and went into the bedroom contemplating what I could change into to head out to the store. And then I saw them laying all unassuming on top of the duvet. They are the perfect shade of blue-ish grey denim. And I knew that I wanted to wear them. And even though I knew they were going to be too big I put them on anyways. Sure enough they were baggy on my derriere and legs, but at least they didn't slide off when I moved.

I examined myself in the mirror: front, side, back, side, front, back, side, front, side. "Not too bad" I thought to myself. People will think that I am just dressing a little Japan-ese. But just to make sure I slipped on a pair of black ballet flats to class it up a bit.

I was really excited to get home to see the husbands reaction when he discovered that I stole his pants. We carried in the groceries. I made dinner and walked around the house A LOT. We ate dinner together and then I blurted out "don't you notice anything different about me today?". Nope. He looked me up and down and still didn't get it. So I narrowed it down to my clothing. Still nothing.

Then he asked me if I peed my pants.

"No......but if I did YOU would be really mad".


So he starts to get frustrated and ask me if I did all number of things in my pants, which I did not, but always answered that he would be VERY upset if I had done any of those things in my pants.

It took forever until I finally had to stand up and show him the pants. Duh.

"They look like some of your other pants" he replied.

Come to think of it they do.

Monday, October 26, 2009


If you had any doubts about visiting me I want you to know the factory outlet is 5 min away.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Me time

Tonight Ricky was gone learning how to monitor fetuses so I decided to have a little alone time. I started by enjoying a delicious dinner of Golden Grahams straight out of the box while shopping online. When I was done checking all my usual sites and planning how to peruse my favorite designer sale early enough to still make work on time I decided to entertain my senses with the latest episode of Gossip Girl. I was not disappointed - Vanessa, how could you? Serena, will anyone ever truly love you?

And after the show I looked at nails and they were truly in need of some attention. So I removed the old polish whilst perusing netflix until I found the perfect movie. And I found a classic I had never seen before that was begging to be watched while I painted: Tootsie. You know, the one where Dustin Hoffman dresses in drag to get an acting gig? It features a bunch of famous actors when they were young; Jessica Lange, Bill Murray, Geena Davis and Punky Brewster's Dad!. Has anyone ever actually watched Tootsie? What a perfect movie for watching by yourself while you paint your nails.

And even though the movie was good I found myself truly captivated by Stephen Bishop who wrote the theme song for Tootsie. I looked him up on youtube and decided that he's alright. And I think I have a thing for his songs now. I know, what? But here is one of my favorites that I would like to share with you.

It just makes me want to fire up the stove and start sauteing in my palazzo pants. Mmmm..delish. Enjoy. (Cause I did on repeat while I wrote this).

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have to go to bed in 10 minutes because that's when I go to bed. And I can't think of this particular opera song that keeps going through my head. So instead I'm now listening to La Boheme because it's good too.

Every time I listen to opera I feel like I need to do something grandios, like people who are bi-polar. No offense. Plus, it reminds me of my dad and I like him too.

And I think I also really like La Boheme because that is the opera Nicholas Cage takes Cher to in Moonstruck which is a really great movie in my opinion. I mean, she has bad luck and he fixes it with his wooden hand.

Oh my, 6 minutes past my bedtime.

Nighty night.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Killer Boots Man

It's true!!!!!!

The fates were on my side this Columbus day as I shopped in honor of the man who shopped for a new world, and I found them.

Supple black leather. An oh so slight wedge heel. A buckle in the back for good measure and the perfect almond shaped toe.


A miracle indeed.

A miracle because it has been about 10 yrs since I found a knee high pair of boots that fit over my calves. And leather to boot (zing).

Not only do they fit over my muscular calves, but I can tuck my jeans into them. If this isn't the Columbus day miracle I've been praying for for years - then I don't know what is.

And so I'd like to thank Jessica Simpson for her string of unsuccessful and often publicly embarrassing relationships for helping her gain a little weight. A little weight that probably led her to tell the people who actually design her stuff to make a boot that would fit her new calves; and thus, mine.

I was SO happy after trying them on that I didn't yell at the lady with the shopping cart who ran over my real pair of shoes right in front of me. Serenity now. They were a bit pricey, but I don't care. I don't even feel bad....not one bit.

And the next day I was still thinking about them as I rode the train home. And as the train entered the Beacon Hill tunnel I was momentarily distracted when my brain switched to the song they play on Willy Wonka as they enter the tunnel. My train was slightly rocking and the train was picking up speed and the lights were flashing by...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Eat me out of house and home

How does one person spend so much on food? I can't believe it, and I'm not even buying gushers. If I bought a lot less food then I could buy more clothes and they would fit better. Unbelievable.

Although I am not good at finances I am good at making awesome things. In fact, just the other day I was heard exclaiming "oh for cutes sakes!" after making some awesome throw pillows. And I also discovered that mature women who work at the fabric store scare me a little. They wear aprons and joke about seam widths, crazy yardage and reupholstering their whole house. I went to buy some fabric and the lady told me I didn't seem very sure about the 2 yards I asked for. And she was right. I was SO busted. I don't know what I'm doing. I don't really sew. Seriously. And I don't iron. I can't sew straight and I tend to hit the gas a little too much while stitching which contributes to the uneven lines. I just don't do it. But ever since my new couch came into my life I need to marry it to the complete opposite color scheme side chairs that were given to us. Not an easy task. So I made pillows.

Sew (ha ha) in short I buy too many grains in bulk and I feel uncomfortable in fabric stores.

Oh...also, I somehow managed to iron adhesive all over the ironing board.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Couch potato

I start my first day of work tomorrow. I always get so anxious before my first day of work/school/meeting in-laws, etc. I just hate being the new person. Smiling and meeting people and figuring out which toilet stall you like best and where to eat your lunch. SO nerve wracking. At least they are taking me out to lunch, I like food. I can't talk about this anymore because it's making me more nervous.

WE GOT A COUCH!!!! Yeah, we did it. And it has a bed inside it just like I promised so everyone come and sleep on it. I LOVE house guests. Mi 1 bedroom apt es su 1 bedroom apt. And almost better than getting the couch was getting the box it came in. It is PERFECT! It gave me the best Halloween costume idea ever, seriously. You thought my Rosie the Riveter was good, you just wait. Ooooooooo, just wait. Rich wanted to throw the box out but I threatened and put my foot down. The box stays!

I get excited in general when it comes to big boxes. I still like to sit in them and hang-out. I remember walking past the back of the library at BYU one day and discovering a stash of HUGE refrigerator boxes left back there. Oh man, it was like Christmas! First I went home and grabbed a friend and then we straight back up to the boxes and we hid in the boxes and jumped out every once in a while scaring complete strangers. Beautiful. And then we took as many boxes as we could to Rock Canyon Park and tried sledding in the snow with them which was pretty unsuccessful - they act just like a plow, FYI.

I even considered putting all my blankets in the couch box and sleeping in it. But that would be a little much, right?