Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The itchy and scratchy show

Look out world, I have hives!! Or at least that's what I think they are because God help us all if they are not because that would mean I have bedbugs.

They started last week with just a couple red bumps and some itching and now I have tons of red bumps and LOADS of itching. And this morning produced some nice patches of rashes spread all over.

This has never happened before, that I can remember. I'm only allergic to 3 things: sulfa, cats and math. And I have not encountered any of those recently. I'm a medical mystery. I need to go on House.

Don't worry too much about me because I've started a cycle of anti-histamines, unless you find me covered in scales because news flash: that only happens to single women over 30.

In bigger news, I am now starting up Laguna Beach: Season 1 all over again. Oh man, remember Stephen? He was so cute! And the drama with LC and Kristin? And Jessica? And EVERYONE is wearing flare jeans. Kristin even rocks a choker while grocery shopping - grocery shopping that she got to do in her Isuzu Trooper! Even if you hated that show (which would makes us not friends) then you will still enjoy this clip that makes fun of the show.

Trying to fit a square inside a circle was my life.

These hives are SO much drama.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I could just stare at it alllllll day. Isn't it nice?

I just love Christmas. I love walking around downtown with the trees all lit up and the store fronts all decorated to the nine's.

And maybe the best part of the Holidays is that the guy who sells the mini-donuts is back!! Hooray! He sells them from this lit up cart next to the carousel across the street from my job. I've been waiting for him a whole year.

I just had to have them on Monday - so I did.

Merry Christmas from Seattle!!!