Friday, February 26, 2010

A pat on the back

I had a 90 day performance review yesterday. For some reason I was really nervous - even though my boss had taken me out for lunch at the market in December to tell me what a good job I was doing. I just couldn't stop wondering if somehow I had ceased to do a good job. That maybe I had dropped the ball on...something.

But it was a glowing report. I mean, I think I actually blushed - in a business meeting. I was on cloud 9 afterwards.

You just might not understand, so let me help you. I used to get fired from jobs. Restaurant jobs. Although to be honest, who hasn't been fired from a restaurant? Oh yeah, my friend Mo. She actually left a note one time on the hostess station at the restaurant we were serving at together. It read:

Dear boss,
I quit.


She made it out, but not unscathed. I remember the aforementioned boss making her cry once because he hated her hair that day. Yeah. I don't feel bad that I was sacked from that place.

The point is. I am a MUCH different kind of person now. It was easy to tell the change was happening when I stopped celebrating one year work anniversaries.

I even added another resolution: squeeze my butt more when I walk.

How adult is that? BOO+YEAH!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big What?

I felt like posting something today but I went back and forth and back and forth once again on what to write about. So then I decided to let the indecision get the best of me.

So I decided to prepare some things for an activity tomorrow and do some online window shopping. That led to some blog reading and then some Craigslist perusing which is where I found this gem amongst the HD TV's:

5 Sasquatch Documentary Bigfoot Private Research Collection - $50 (WA)

Curious? You should be. Read more here.

I've always wondered about Sasquatch and now I know I'm not the only one - by far. There is a whole group in Washington devoted to finding him or it or even a she?

This of course led me to a gem of a movie from my childhood about this very same subject. And Mr. Henderson handled the whole situation just how I would have, have a look.

Which they made fun of brilliantly on 30 Rock.

Which led me on to remember the funny commercials a couple of years ago - here is one (okay all) of my favorites.

You just can't go wrong with this subject.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy ME day!

Well it seems that no one will be writing a post praising all my many virtues today on my Birthday so it looks like I will have to do it myself. Actually, in the interest of full disclosure Ricky did post this, which was pretty thoughtful. Notice the word fully. It's pretty poignant seeing as how more than a few times I've threatened to put his favorite Steve Jobs apparatus to rest...permanently.
Back to me and why I'm lucky to have myself as...myself. I'm fiercely loyal to myself and you if you are in the inner circle - and I put on mascara everyday. I love my Birthday and yours too (if I can remember it). I will always be excited when anyone is opening a present. I will tell you that whatever you are doing/saying/wearing or thinking about naming your kid is great even if that is not what I really think because I like to make you feel good about your choices even if they are not for me.

I'm a great employee now. Emphasis on the now. Even if you ask me to make more coffee and I really think that's beneath me I will do it with a smile because I'm grateful to have a job now. I am OK if someone buys the same thing I'm wearing after seeing it because really that is a compliment and we both would still know that I got it first. Also, I seemed to have inherited a small part of my mothers supernatural gift for finding a-m-a-z-i-n-g things for dirt cheap.

I'm a great wife. You should be so lucky.

But most importantly if you are sad I will buy you candy. If you break up with someone I will cook you dinner. If you stay the night I will cook you multiple meals and show you the meaning of food is love (good food, not crap).

And I will tell you I love you, even if we aren't quite "there" yet. This is new for me.

So basically, I am SO blessed that you all have me.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray!

Ricky is snoring in the other room...right now. Which he doesn't do very often which is good because then he would be single. I hope the sound of Travis wafting from my, I mean our, bedroom doesn't wake him. The band Travis, not another man named Travis. As if.

I finally got around to making my New Year's resolution yesterday: Drink more water. And today I realized that maybe my resolution this year should be two fold; drink more water AND do more Kegel exercises. Because my bladder cannot keep up with the sudden surge in business.

I shared my good news with my co-worker who said "wait! That's MY New Year's resolution! You stole mine". So I did, but it was unconsciously which absolves me from any bad karma. I guess that it was stuck in my subconscious floating around somewhere and it came back for a visit. I'm starting to think that Karma is indeed coming back to me because I have had to use spell check an inordinate amount of times in this post so far. This can't possibly be all me. And no, I spelled inordinate all by myself, thank you.

Today I was going strong with my goal of drinking more water (specifically one 16oz bottle before lunch and one before leaving work - followed by infinity trips to the loo) and I decided to jazz up my afternoon bottle with a delicious Crystal light pink lemonade on the go packet. I don't like that particular flavor full force so I had some left over and a thought occurred (since when did that word have 2 r's?) to me. This looks almost like a pixie stick. So I poured a little into my palm and tasted it. Mmmm. Tart yet very good. So I went full throttle and poured straight from the source and let me tell you... it is NOT like a pixie stick. Especially when there is lemon in the title. Yuuuuck. I think it dried up part of my eyeballs.

The things you do when you are bored of listening to the people on the other side of the glass learning about bank financial statements. I tell ya.